Rebalance All Weapons

achillesRising (aR) 4 years ago 0

Weapons are not balanced. I feel they should each fill a niche roll whilst being equally powerful.

Axe special changes: The shockwave expands out in a 35 degree cone, reaches 25% further then it currently does, and travels 20% faster. Still does 1 damage and knocks over if opponent is not blocking. Still countered by jumping. Still arms/disarms bombs. This would make the axe perfect for crowd control, disrupting groups of enemies, etc.

Hammer special changes: Hammer special should reach 20% farther and should take the same amount of time to reach the smash zone then it does now. Hammer damage should be 2 damage where it is 2 now. Where the hammer did one damage, it should now do no damage and have no effect. On a hit against a nonblocking opponent, hammer does 3 damage, knocks over opponent, but does not push them in any direction. On a hit against a blocking opponent, hammer does one damage and pushes opponent back slightly without knocking them over. After using special, the user's move speed would be reduced to 50% for three seconds. These changes would make the hammer best for initiation against single targets, whilst rendering it ineffective as an escape maneuver.

Sword special changes: Sword special now does not propel the user in any direction. Users stay in the same place while using sword special. Sword special now pushes opponents 10% more. Opponents do not take damage from being pushed into walls in this manner. This would make the sword best as an anti-swarming tool, letting the user reposition or even make a getaway as the enemies are scattered and take mild damage.

Bow changes: Arrows travel 10% faster and are now bright blue, so they are easier to see and dodge. The user of a bow experiences 20% slower roll and kick at all times. These changes would put the archer in its rightful place: superior at long range, but inferior at close range.

Bow special ability: Archer pauses for 0.5 seconds, then fires an arrow that travels 50% faster then current arrows. On a hit against a nonblocking enemy, opponent is knocked down, pushed back a few steps, and takes 2 damage. On hit against blocking enemy, opponent is stunned (as if they just attacked a blocking enemy) and takes 1 damage. This attack is useful as a delaying force in case retreat is the only option.

Rezoner, I know this is a lot to ask for, but the weapons really should be equal, but unique. Keep in mind if you do decide to rebalance you don't need to do it like this but I think these options are great, they give each weapon a chance against the others.