Add mini Games/Challenges

Sir Brutal 4 years ago 0

Add Mini games:

  • Parkour
  • Gauntlet/Obsticle Course
  • Hidden Objects
  • Kill Streaks
  • High Score
  • Killing a the King
  • Killing a Boss Monster
  • A Maze
  • Easter Eggs ;)

Things which they could unlocks:

  • Beast Mode
  • Unique Weapons
  • Unique Armor
  • Unique Items

Additional Features:

  • Moving Land
  • A Draw Bridge
  • Skeletons
  • Catapults or Cannons
  • Destructible Walls

Adding extra features and things to do to the game could make it more fun, and not just have it be a blood bath. But There should still be more blood animation when you kill someone :)