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0.5 second invincibility ruined everything

achillesRising (aR) 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 9


Recently you added a 0.5 invincibility phase after one gets up from being pinned in an effort to end the pin-lock problem. This is not the way to fix this problem. When you get up, you basically have a free swing/roll/kick/retreat and your opponent can't do anything about it. Furthermore, the hammer special is now significantly weaker because it was commonly used against foes who were just grounded, and mines are utterly garbage because the only decent thing you could do with them was place them then knock over an opponent and as they get up they explode. It makes overall combat far less fluid and drags it out to the point where runners are even more of a problem than they were before, as they get a free chance to ditch and initiate a long, arduous chase down across the map.

The way to permanently fix the pin-lock problem is simple: make it so that when you are knocked down, you stay down until you press the spacebar. Then, people won't know exaclt when you get up. You would automatically get up after 3 seconds, though, in order to prevent stalling.

Really, pin-lock isnt as much of a gamebreaker now than it was, now you can just jump if they're going to roll and block if they're going to kick, but people will continue to complain until you do something about it. I'm excited for the bow, but this invincibility thing creates far more problems than it solves. Please address ASAP.


I noticed this too, and It's really annoying and I like the option to get back up. +1

Under review

Doesn't it mean you are trying to abuse your enemy when he tries to get up? Otherwise why would you be standing in his fire range?

ps: it's not invulnerability (it doesn't work against mines) - it just sustains fallen status for 0.5 sec after getting up

I will take care of it but I would like to hear more opinions.

But the problem is now people just run away once you get them down to like 1/4 health and you can't kill anyone. It makes sustaining score a chore. Once again, Pinlock was fixed 3 days ago. Just jump if they're going to roll or block if they're going to kick. This new mechanic butchers the smooth flow that the game had, now breaking encounters into several microengagements as each time you score a hit your opponent gets a free reset. It makes combat painfully slow, long, and kind of boring, even if your the vast superior and you outsmart your opponent and land a perfect feint and then a clean hit, congratulations, now you have to do it 7 more times if you want the kill, but your opponent will just run once he hits 1/3 health and it's a pain in the ass to try to catch him.

Also the mines can be used if you know how to use them It contradicts what i may be saying but whatever so Knock him place the mine then roll it makes the guy move forward a teensy bit

No, many times he gets knocked backward.

It's a move in the right direction now 98% of players can actually enjoy the game, however at the same time since avoiding pin-lock was possible for the more advanced players it robs the "hardcore" feel the game had from the other 2% of players.

I think the most important thing a game can have is solid mechanics and this requires a lot of trial and error, from this aspect I am very happy with how the game is developing. Keep it up.

Pinlock doesn't take an advanced player to avoid. You just jump if the fool's gonna roll and block if the fool's gonna kick.


0.1 sec invulnerability after getting up

roll still works