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Each Helmet should have it's own perk.

Sir Brutal 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 20


Skull: lets you come back to life with +1 health,

Cowboy hat: +1 Speed,

Spartan: +1 Armor,

Dog: +1 Roll Damage,

Viking: +1 Weapon Damage.

Or something like that!

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I make this like idea but i thing my idea ver is coolest.


wow good idea bro

Under review

Hehe - that was exactly idea I had for helmets - I even wrote it in one of earlier posts regarding skin system - but I don't really have time to implement it right now.

Rezoner i have idea with perks for helmets but its to much hard for you.


this is a



This will just make pin-rolling more frequent. Adding more damage to rolling, or just adding perks will be a negative thing - in my opinion.

But that solves itself with the kick :)

what abought skeleton like all of the perks?


In my opinion 1 to the roll damage would be too much to change the gameplay. The ability of the skull and helmet of a Spartan I think the same thing. Well or if to enter, such bonuses should be removed from the modes of football and arena


So I tried to re-envision the Perks to possibly better symbolize what the helmets are:

  • Hair - None
  • Hood - Projectile Speed or Damage
  • Viking - Increased Weapon Damage
  • Dog - Speed
  • Spartan - Decreased Damage Taken
  • Indian Jones Hat - Increase chance of finding good loot, + slow regeneration
  • Skull - % Chance of undying
  • Hohoho - ???

Here are some other optional perks that I can think of at the moment:

  • Increased dash distance
  • Jump distance
  • Knock-back effect
  • Special attack bonus
  • Regeneration
  • Side-step trip

Of course they would need to be thoroughly tested and properly balanced to insure that they don't imbalance the game too much. They could also either give subtotal or substantial increases to each ability.

If anyone has any better ideas for the skills of each that would be great :)

Ho Ho Ho: Probability of summoning a warrior reindeer... okno xDDDD

Seeing as the "dog" mask is in-fact a fox's, I think the perk for the mask should have the run that it had before return, and increase that run's speed. This would help with football and in anything else-- allow you to catch up to runners. I have also said most of this in the Vigilantes discord chat.

Plus it would make more people want to buy the mask, possibly. Another option is to make it a wolf-pelt suit, to fit the theme that Wilds has.

~Seraph (The Last Butter Kek in-game)

It could be either.

awesome idea like this (:

I think that perhaps adding stats to the helmets may cause the game to become more unbalanced towards newer players, perhaps the helmets could instead change the special of the weapon, or also have some sort of negative attached, just so the game doesn't become "pay to win". These items should be properly balanced not with each other, but with someone who doesn't own any of these.

(Or just take out the buffs during ranked matches ;))


Skills received from helmets should be balanced so that objects do not play a role as important as player skill.

I agree also with Rezak, on pvp and football these skills should be excluded.


I agree with @Rezak and @Egzekutor.


I went WAY over-board in brain storming ideas for the Helmets :)

So here they are:

  • Hair - None
  • Hood - Archer Perk
    • Projectile Speed.
    • Projectile Damage.
    • Projectiles will subtlety home in on target within 10 degrees of projectile.
    • Negative Effect:
    • Less weapon hit damage.
    • Takes more damage.
  • Viking - Offensive Perk
    • Increased Weapon Damage
    • Kill streaks gives rage ability
    • Negative Effect
    • Less Agile
  • Dog - Agility/Speed Perk
    • Increased Walk Speed.
    • Increased Run Speed.
    • More Agile.
    • Side-step trip ability.
  • Spartan - Defensive Perk
    • Takes less Damage.
    • By Blocking an Enemy you can follow up with a push/knock-back move.
    • Negative Effect:
    • Less Agile.
  • Indian Jones Hat - Looting and Regeneration Perk
    • Greater chance of finding good items.
    • More items drop from barrels/chests.
    • Players health slowly regenerates.
    • Double jump ability
  • Skull - Undying Perk
    • Chance that you don't die.
    • Inflicts fear on enemies that are close - Screen Shakes, Darkness effect, etc.
    • Enemies that run away are haunted until they either die or kill you.
    • Increased range of special attack.
  • Santa Hat - ???
    • Chance of dropping a surprise active bomb after a projectile strikes.
    • Enemies are slowed running away (winter effect).
    • Chance that team members near by receive items.

Remember these are just brainstormed ideas that I came up with now and will definitely need to be revised.

I know it would probably change the game a LOT, but..... :)

It would almost be RPGish. Would people mind that?

good bro good :)