Regarding Shields and Cooldowns

MrWaffleman 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

First of all, very many thanks to the developer, there have been so many features added in such a small amount of time.

What is currently bothersome is that, sometimes it's very hard to hit people who choose to spam and keep scrolling down to use their shield. You can't hit them without being stunned, and it takes away skill when you just have to keep on holding scroll down. There are two solutions I can see to this problem however:

1. You could have it so that once someone hits your shield and he is stunned, you can't use your shield for another 3-5 seconds (could have a cooldown meter similar to the seismic wave)

2. Or you could make the shield have a durability meter, whenever someone hits your shield they get stunned but the durability of your shield goes down. However, to regain this shield durability this idea could be split

- Whenever the shield durability is all the way down, it takes 10 seconds to come back with full health

- Or you could pick up durability in crates, killing goblins, killing players, etc.

Now that's a solution to the problem, however there could be a whole new idea.

Shield Bashing: Instead of being stunned every single time you hit a shield. We could adopt idea #2, and subtract the stunning, like you can constantly hit the shield and the durability will go down without you being stunned. You can add a whole new button to shield bash, it could either replace kick or be a whole new ability that will stun the player like before whenever you hit a shield. This can be an animation like an arm going outwards and to the right.

Thanks for reading ;).


Shield works in exact same way as block, its presence is just a cosmetic feature. Block skill was in game before the shield was introduced.


Yes, however the fact that the shield is a cosmetic doesn't change much, the only problem with this could just be the removal of the shield, but I'm sure the shield will stay, however it won't matter. This is a gameplay tweak, not a cosmetic one, so the cosmetics can always accomate, such as a shield bash just being bashing your sword hilt, and idea #1 could just be energy to block instead of durability.