add the ranger class. specail moves, sword, traps and skills

werewolf 4 years ago 0

the ranger class would have 7 hp and 3 damage. on a right click hold the ranger crouches and on a release he pounces on a target automatically knocking them over and ignoring defense or attacks. he can also attack them while there on the ground. a right click is a slow knock back attack. on a forwards scroll he does a quick stab ignoring defenses with a 5 second relode. on a backwards scroll he places a trap which deals 3 damage and traps its victim for 4 seconds. it only works on enemies and monsters. the trap starts very visible and over 5 minutes it slowly becomes more unnoticeable until you cant see it. he has 3 traps and one has gone of he can place down a new one. on a click swipe he can attack his opponent from different angles. he would wear a murky green cloak with a hood. a sword and scabbard.

hope you liked this idea.