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This is the Idiot List. It's the list of the dumbest people in the game, or the most annoying (to me, the smartest person here, obviously), or some of the trolls of this game. I'll edit it the more I find, however you'll find that you have to agree with most, if not some, people on this list. Suggest some people of America if you hate them, and I'll see about them. It's an American server list because I only play on the American server (the others lag too much). I don't include people like Galactus, anyway he's too bad to be on my list. They also include all the strategies to defeat the person, as well as why that strategy works. Thank me later.

T H E K I N G: Also known as 'Tayseer the pro', 'Tayseer_is_awesome', but now named 'T H E K I N G', this idiot has such a fragile ego that he has to name himself some good qualities to make him feel better. I already made him 'quit' Wilds.io, but he always came back the next day with a garbage excuse. He brought his brother to try and defeat me, but they're all a family of idiots; they all die against me. According to his brother, I made Tayseer cry, which is pretty cool. My trolling tactics haven't gotten rusty. Not to mention, he's a hypocrite; 4v1s me but complains when someone 2v1s him. Runs but calls whoever runs a runner. Calls himself a Muslim but doesn't behave like one. Pathetic. Dumbest person on this list. Here are some examples. His grammar is garbage even though he lives in Canada, in an English province. He misspells every name. For example, he calls ThAssassin 'assian', and it's not even on purpose. He also brags about being a Muslim, which is sad but most Muslims do online for some reason. In his definition, you're his friend if he ever talked to you once, even though he just addressed something to you but you've never talked to him before. To make allies to defeat an enemy, that is mostly me, he just says: 'hi pro how are you', or 'you are very pro wanna help me kill pizzzzao' (yes, he spells my name like that sometimes, it's pretty random how he does it so there's no exact spelling of my name in his mind), calling them pros in a nonsense grammatical phrasing in which it is obvious what he tries to do, but surprisingly most people fall for it? This also makes me question the intelligence of the human race.

Strategy: Rope-Bomb. He's too dumb to have the reflex to beat one, and doesn't move around much. Just do it after he's shielded, and he's dead.

PCVIDEOGAMINGTWITTER: What the fudge is even going on in this name? He said he was a Youtuber but then that he worked for the government with 4 different jobs and that he makes a lot of money. When you destroy him - not to mention the special, run, recharge, special strategy that he uses with Claws - when you do and tell him he sucks (like I always do), he says that he makes more money than me so he doesn't care? Like, does he actually think that's insulting to a 15 year old boy? This one should also be banned.

Strategy: In any way, (sneak Rope-Bomb works better for me), kill him once. Then, kill yourself and leave. He'll ragequit soon enough since he won't get the satisfaction of killing you. He'll hate you after that.

Silent: One of the worst liars, and pretty known. A hypocrite like Tayseer, and an ally of him too. Rages as easily as Tayseer, but doesn't ragequit as easily. He can't come up with his own insults, so he just copies mine. He also copies my comebacks, which is sad. He's very emotionally unstable, and he also calls himself a Catholic when he doesn't behave like one at all. Also, since I made fun of him and said he was a Catholic and since he was lying he was going to go to Hell, he stole that too, and that made him call me Satan now, which is pretty funny. I did the same thing to Tayseer, by the way. Also plays Slay, but sucks at that too. He also lies about who he's beaten. If he killed you once, even if he didn't play a major part and it was a 2v1 but you killed his teammate and he killed you, he says he beat you in a 1v1. Then, if you say he is lying. he says you're lying. Pathetic. Don't believe anything this lego-brick head says. This one should be banned for lying, spreading false news, and trolling. Literally nobody except T H E K I N G, because of his stupidity, likes him.

Strategy: You can Rope-Bomb, though he stole that strategy from me, so be careful. He also moves around a lot. It's better to rope once he does his special (since all he does is use it, run reload, and use, and continues like that). Then, bomb, and the job is done. The hard part is luring him in and having the reflex to do it. Close-Combat works too, except if you suck.

PLS PEACE: From his name, already, you can tell that he sucks. Literally, his name was PLS PEACE from the start, which he was screaming in chat. I don't ally with losers who can't fight, so I tortured him. Since he was so bad and extremely dumb, he teamed up with Silent and used the same strategy as him; Rope-Bombing, and with Claws, using special, running, recharging, using special. Anyway, he once killed me in a 1v1 when I still sucked at the game with that cheap strategy and now he pretends as if he beat me and is better than me. Don't worry, I made sure to 1v1 him again and completely destroyed him.

Strategy: Eh, do the same as Silent. Rope-Bomb when he specials.

Moldf: He's just mad at me because he can't kill me and tries to use every tactic but fails. Just sucks in general.

Strategy: You don't even need Rope-Bomb, he really is bad at Close-Combat. Just spam kill until he ragequits. 

BALUSIN: I defeated him once in Arena (I didn't even insult him inside it which is rare for me) and he's mad at me forever now. He sucks anyway... 

Strategy: He sucks at Close-Combat, so you can do that. He Rope-Bombs, so just try Rope-Bombing before him, I guess. Close-Combat works better for me. 

Yup. Just like that. Just keep trolling them until they all fall. It worked for me against THEMK. Another proof of every person in here being liars, except for BALUSIN in this case, is that when I kill them, they pretend as if they killed me and shout it in chat, and pretend as if their death never happened. Some people believe them sometimes, and that also makes me question the intelligence of the human race.


the sad thing is i agree with the majority of this list...






Damn, you really did make a list.

I was expecting me on this list, since we kinda had "bad terms", meh....bygones be bygones.

The problem here is that, almost all of us are all total idiots.

We are so egoistic on this game lmao. Literally almost everyone is overprotective on their "status" as a player. No one wants to be the "weak one", and that's understandable, but people take it too far to the part where it all goes apeshit. Lying, trashtalk, hypocrisy, racism, stupid excuses, threats...this is all common in every single game, and we can't do anything about it. Heck, there is always that 1 egoistic person in any server. Lmao, nobody can't control their ego. 

For anyone that's competitive, you don't gotta be fking toxic about it e.g. neko.

You can't say that "he stole the strategy from me". I'm pretty sure everyone knew what and how to pull of a rope-bomb.

Also, in reality, no one really cares if a particular person is "better" than the other. Does it really even matter?


that's definitely exaggerated. your "Lying, trashtalk, hypocrisy, racism, stupid excuses, threats" only happens with an extreme minority of the people here. you are also underplaying the rest of the community. for every pizzao, theres a bilbooo, for every twittergamingfaggotwilds theres a seva kotleki s pureschoy. besides, most people care more about their status on discord servers than their wilds skill anyway. 

and im PRETTY sure most people care if someone is better than them. its human nature. and if that doesnt matter, does this entire game even matter? what are you playing for?


When I say something, I actually mean it. First of all, if we have bad terms, I don't care; if we are enemies and I actually find you extremely dumb and obnoxious, and you can be seen as a troll, yes, you are on this list. You aren't dumb as Tayseer and you actually have some skill backing up the talk; you don't lie and aren't a hypocrite; you'll see if you come on the server. Then, when I said he stole Rope-Bomb... as I told you. He's dumb. He doesn't know ANYTHING. So, he learned that you can Rope-Bomb by seeing me do it, thus stealing it.

can you put me on your best buddies list

I might make one but not yet.

I'm extremely late on this but make me your holy savior in the list

or i'll nerf u as lowly servant status.

Also ain't I also one of the annoying ones as well? :l



Who the fudge put 4 dislikes? I didn't even make this list to offend anyone that's on the forums.

For the first time when I try to help the community, idiots that hate me are disliking. Show some gratitude, and be thankful I didn't destroy you or make you rage in Wilds.


And by the way. Here are some screenshots of these idiots.

It took me only 10 minutes to take them. They're so dumb. I'll explain context.

HAHAHAHAHA. He says this in Global Chat. Yeah good job man, nobody will know except Silent (Silent is 'lord' btw).

Raging as always. His 'brother', who killed me by luck a few times, is now venerated by Tayseer who says he's better than me, ignoring the fact that he attacked me when I was low or in a 2v1 or more most of the time, not to mention that I destroyed him afterwards.

Silent was so desperate for his insult to be accepted ('loser'), that he says LLOL right after to support it. Pretty sad, to be honest. 

Same thing here. Everytime I get on, he says I failed high school. I really don't know where that insult came from. then as always, he supports his insult with LOL at the end... come on.

He attacked me at half health and said he beat me. GG, not to mention I got him down to 1 health and he ran to heal twice or thrice.


Dude, don't care the bad people and play as a pro in a peaceful game. Also don't open a topic about them. Because that is very heartbreaking behavior. Maybe they behave dumb cause of a long depression and they just don't know what they are doing. Before opening this topic, think what if you are dumb because of a long depression and they open a topic about your bads, draw your carrier. What would you do? Also opening topic won't fix this. You only make the problem bigger by doing this. And if they are banned, just think you are banned while you made a very good progress in game. Social problems is between two person, not everyone. Fix your problem by talking them. If they just continue, play your game and just don't care them... 

Good response. However, I don't ignore anyone who dares say they are better than me. If they are depressed, why would they be arrogant? It doesn't make sense; however I'll still like your reply.


Probably depressed people try to make themselves look "better" and on top. In reality, it even gets worse.

Then those idiots deserve it, if they're too dumb to realize that it makes it worse.

Yeah, you're right. The people who tries to be on top by bad behavior can be hated. 

Thank you.


Maybe you've changed in the month I've been gone, Pizzao. 

But I kinda remember you as a dick, and I can't help but wonder why you bothered. 


Don't stress out cuz' of that.Heart issues may ocur and u can't regenrate some muscles of it.

No worries, I got health insurance for any issues that ocur. 



Should I laugh or cry after listening to you?Neither.

i hereby designate you the new replacement for seal and ukryty.


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Fck off Mom...

Don't repeat history again.

Man what the hell is happening to the forums..


That GIF is garbage and you look like a normie for posting it. Please leave if you are one.

I couldn't even read your nonsensical comment with a straight face.

Thanks, Thought Police. 


Sad loser.

Oh, banter, banter! 

"Ure a normie HA"

"That doesn't make any sense." 

"sad loser" 

I mean, I hate people like you who say, to perfectly normal phrases, that they don't make sense. What?

What is a "normie?" I only speak English, I'm afraid. 

Also, who died and made you king? I'm not gonna go just because you say so.

...This forum better not be 4chan.