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Compared to hammer, it is useless.

This is a blast from the past. In the past, during the time of Marketplace, there used to be a bug where the guillotine would randomly appear on the screen. It was deadly and it killed players. Not sure why this is back.

Don't forget to mention the lag that happens when that pops up.

I absolutely agree with you. I also want to include that kick counters the spear charge. Makes sense right? Also, if you dash  in one direction when you are about to use the spear charge, you move in that direction.

...I have no idea. This idea can only be solved by Rezoner himself.

You have the popularity and the influence in the forum. Also, you founded the Comment Cop in Userecho.

I think that the Asians server is located in Taiwan since I see a lot of Taiwan players there.

For North America server, I think near New York city.

For Eu, I think it's in Turkey.

There are some players in the morning but most will be in school.

I wanted to elaborate further on this concept. We all know that when we shield bash, we go over them when they get downed. This is unrealistic and instead of just walking over them, I suggest that we knock them off balance further, as if you had hit a brick wall and had flown back. Essentially, it would be kick 2.0, where you launch someone off balance further.

Hey Jashin, don't we need another Comment Cop for Seal's sister soon? I feel like she is doing the same things as Seal, her brother. I'm not saying now but soon if she doesn't stop.