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AHAA That means it must be located in the armpit of the world.

Why delete your account and not just leave it there to preserve your awesomeness? That's what I'd do.

or the rope bomb. O.o that would be ban worthy

no no. It's on the eastern seaboard. If I'm getting 8 in Jersey...

hear hear buddy. I got onto that map myself. I think you need about 35,000 bones.

wait hangover is BANNED NOW????? :D YES YES YES

they should've added Graveyard quests... More people would've played. But I agree, more quests would be great. Imagine: kill the king >:D. 350 g payout. hahah evil

yeah I hate when you shield bash into someone else's shield bash and take damage. Should definitely be fixed

alright. I agree that the dash is OP, as it is also an available move when dazed. I would go for fire speed and less stamina use as well.