Your comments

The thing entered before I was done, wtc.

Anyway, i get ads that first, literally scar me for life (the first one was 'my little pony') and something that is actually good (like the soundcould thing that I normally get in the home screen) if it is necessary to watch the video. Also, like on YouTube and some other io games, let it be able to be skipped after about 3-5 seconds or just make them shorter.

Also not for the actual game just 4 conversation, I never get the thing that is advertised anyway cus all of them are just sad,  like for me, (not trying to be sexist) but I don't get my little pony, expectantly since the ad that I saw was so spastic, that it started my signs of an ocular migraine.

1. Since u r unsummon, I tried to show nice to u then u kill me cus of the past,

2. I am trying to work on the cursing thing, 

3. u still don't accept my peace

4. one of the reasons I changed my name was to TRY and be nicer to people that I knew by name,

6. u just confessed to using alts,

and 5. I don't even know how to do alts.

OK bro, makes sense for u (not saying anything bad) and I was trying to be nice to him, he doesn't accept it from me :(

then don't try to troll a pro, as well as there is no proof that that was at u.

That was also in the 20:00 when I really don't care if I swear cus I bout to go to sleep. 

On top of that I have been a man and fought back, and won almost every time, so the hypocrite.

welI am becoming a programmer so, guys hook me up, I am not rect7911 (should be ezr that way)

EH IT DEAD WOLF, y u not on anymore bro?!

It was in order when I had it in the text ( at least in the order that he sent it but the order got mixed up and NO I am not rez)

dude, it peace among my friends, first, how whould i get bones, and second I changed my name partly because of the confusion of this.