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not really, it may be hard but sliding is quite phisically impossible since you have no momentum to turn into the slide motion. id like the slide tho, maybe we can choose between slide and roll animations in the settings

+1 though nice post

i cant judge your stats for im not an expert and I believe that no matter how hard we try, only rezoner can fully balance any weapon through testing and so on

minor powers would be fun, smth like poison for a short span of time, stun, dizziness (inverted controls) etc

debuffing people with less hp seems unacceptable yet so needed. My approach to the problem was slower stamina regeneration for people with less hitpoints. +1

I feel the same too, sorta

I dont feel the excitement I felt when i discovered wilds io


have you tried his new game in beta?

found couple bugs

GUI overlays and isnt readable