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I don't think I have ability to change such numbers on userecho - the system seems to be broken and I can't do much about it - I am just an ordinary user of this service.

Discord is beyond my rule.

Yes exactly. You get a list of the games to pick.

It's just a fluff text - the quests are not balanced yet.

This post have been haunting me for a while. I don't want to look sub-par compared to other games. This is upcoming layout with three major changes

1) Quests, obviously
2) Focus on a new player experience - exposed PLAY and LOGIN buttons - after you click play you will get another screen where you can select map - again FORT will be exposed so new players know what to click.
3) Pixelart elements to make it feel more like a game not a website.

Added bridge in the next update.

I like that it is based on guilds system niot a separate friends list

If you have ideas for making something special about graveyard let us know. One sure thing is that shadows will live there, but there is no other mechanics beside that.