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Ok. So. For starters I do not plan to add equip-able weapons. However:

There are going to be more heroes - each with specific weapons and moves (berserker with two small axes, assasin, archer...).

Shurikens although are already in my pipeline - compared to throwing knife - you can have up to 3 shurikens - but they deal only 1 damage on hit.

I like tar bag a lot. There was a similar thing in Heroes of Newerth - you could spoil some tar - and then inflame it \o/

Sounds awesome :)

That sounds great!


has good ideea


sebi bruma yes


Can you elaborate? is it like for each class there's different weapons like the grunt gets a sword that does less dmg but is faster. or...


there should be specific weapons for grunt and berserker but don't add too much because you don't want to be scrambling around your keyboard to press the buttons. but maybe with a in game currency you can equip a single weapon and switch it around.


no, no, no. The game is fun becuase it is a simple hack and slash game, don't make it more complicated


Let me tell you why you shouldn't add more weapons. If you add more weapons, the whole game will be based off of finding all the weapons to kill the other player. Even a noob with almost no experience can defeat a pro if the noobs get more weapons. Wilds Io will just be a game of luck instead a game of skill and competitiveness. It will be more boring and players should try to learn the game instead of finding weapons.


Its all about how you implement them like you can have a loadout before you enter the game, also you can say the same thing about the items(daggers potions bombs).

Acutally no you can't because those are only 4 weapons. You're trying to add like 3 more weapons which is a bit too much. And it is really easy to use weapons to kill someone with no sweat. Even if you are a noob, you can use them well.

if i can sujest another weapon what you think about a mage wound like the hammer and sword it skill will be a fireball that works like knife but dill less dmg point