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Rezoner1337 8 months ago • updated by Lisa Beyaz 2 weeks ago 45

If you are a streamer / reviewer / let's player with 10.000+ subscribers you can have your account verified so your fans can tell it's really you playing the game not some fake account.

A blue tick icon will appear next to your name in game.

To verify your account send me the message from your official profile with a name you have registered/claimed in game.

Youtube - Rezoner on Youtube

Twitter - Rezoner on Twitter

Twitch - Rezonersky on Twitch

If none of these apply to you send me a private message here on Userecho - just click SAY on top of the page and select private tab.


lets make it 5K


woooo lets goo

como ser fail

That's pretty cool


i actually saw a verified player. so its working


This is the BEST!!!!

john was his name enter

it was the same dude taht i saw


Hello Wilds.io plz verify me thank you






verify me wilds.io


super game :-)


ola sou brasileiro meu nome na conta e Jones eu jogo esse jogo a 7 dias voce pode mim da a conta official ?


love the idea

verify me in wilds.io


thank you wilds.io lot me l'est go

me later


tota let koma ta formetera


imater moète


regaleme plata soy pobre


good gamе



Can i pay to get verified account, i dont have 10k fans?


Verify Me please. Yt channel Friction Gaming!


Im not a streamer but i record wilds.io because its rlly fun and i want viewers to be happy im making a gameplay on ths and i dont want to let my viwewers down


Verify me please. Youtube channel is Name!


hello wats your name :D ??


lol that's my name


meu nome na nicolas


how to verify my account????????????????


i can't play!! pls help :((

hi :) Love me wilds.io I added my own stomach. And I constantly play full screen on my own site io game connecting to wilds.io. Everyone is invited. My name Agario WUN.com