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It's still hell of a work but I am getting there.

This is a working draft of political map - top guilds will have their tribe / kingdom / empire marked on a map. Later on I should be able to let you scroll through history of tribes.


Exactly this i have in mind when you say first info about it. I love it <3


Wilds was game with total massacre, before you delete old wilds.io map and make ruins. There become shop, what do game unbalanced, glitch what is named "dash", mountains(?!) and boxes. Shield? OK, this isn't doing something more than in old wilds, but deleting Zerk? Increasing health, bonus stamina? This didn't exist in old wilds.io what was great, not like this wilds. Adding political map will change site name from "wilds.io" to "notwilds.io". Idk, for what anyone need it. You can dislike my post, but i will stand on my sentence. Dislike to the topic.

PS. I forgot about grenades, why it will exist? nonsense.

Under review

Political map will not change the gameplay in a single aspect. It's just one more goal to play for, you can totally ignore it


It is a goal but is there anything which requires it to be based on skill etc? Like how does it work basically or is it just graphical?


bruh zerk was most unbalanced thing in wilds history if me being non patreon beating a zerk was enough for me to say gg and be declared winner

TO be honest ukryty you seem to be the only person who cant get behind this

This reminds me of a video I watched recently: "History of the World - Every Year".
This is interesting :D

I'm still not quite sure how this idea will be implemented, I'm excited though!


read my castle siege post i talked on that a little (no it is not click bait self promo BS im genuinely assisting)


give the leader of a guild an extra page where he/she can look at the members of his guild and appoint them ranks and head roles such as general or duke. players would start as troops then earn medals for acts of honour such as killing 10 enemy's before dying in a battle with a neighbouring tribe. the tribe king could see these scores and appoint them positions and ranks.

make the map made up of sections of land which have separate maps. players can advance there borders by attacking enemy's. to make up for huge tribes make players only able to play in the server for where they are. such as NZ or Canada. make guild leaders have to pay to increase the maximum amount of members for there guild. make players able to give money to there guild leaders and guilds leaders able to give money to them.

when the guilds get out of control make an npc red tribe invade with lots of orcs goblins and nastier creatures until the game is balanced again. players who want to play normally can enter a huge arena wich guild leaders can desighn themselves.


I think that the leaders need to be able to raid the lands. What I also believe would be great for the political map is if you made it in to a seige royal style game