Im depressed

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 srsly u copied me or something?


um ok? I dont know what to say to you

He got registered 4 weeks ago, he did today his first post what is off-topic. But don't be ascared, I was the worst one - someone made a topic with a title "I'm gay" and no description.


And i . . . I . . . i was no better, I posted the first complaint about the directional kick and my worries for people abusing bows in ranked matches . . . it was just so IRRELEVANT AND OFFTOPIC!     


And I was no better, I posted my first post about deleting dash and people raided this topic... it was just so IRRELEVANT AND OFFTOPIC!


And I was no better...cuz' of my recklessnes my eye cancer- enhancing drawings were posted by my sister and I burried myself with cringe.It was so akward...


i am scared btw and i have made comments before so thank you


Ha.. ha...ha

I think I was slightly better...My 1st post was about trying to bring a friend I kicked back into my tribe.

me first post was an idea for a new weapon and firstly it got -5 votes. Then it got 8 upvotes and died somewhere near the Ninja Character topic

you know, you should probably end your life if people dont like you, its the right thing to do, so do yourself a favor.

Wow your life is so terrible you just have to go and make others worse? I should feel bad for you but i dont. 


Feel bad for yourself man.Noone can't fix your mistakes exept you.Well "being born" is quite challenge to fix,huh?

seal im not sure if that comment was aimed at me or sauce...

Figure it out on your own.

People like him are so typical. "Mlg dank sauce" Probably spends almost as much time jerking off as he spends on meme sites that only try to be funny by taking the most sensitive topics and making fun of them... And then his fat ass starts thinking thats how people think irl and makes fun of people online for it since hes too fucking awkward to talk to anyone unless its over the internet. not that i was much better but at least i got over it..


You tell this everyone and yet you don't do it yourself,tsk,tsk.


maybe you shouldn't have based your username after an animal that rapes their own children to death


........ thats river otters buddy


lol you kids have been pranked


have a nice monday!

Have a nice day you too considering your mothers missoury by being their children,but who am I to complain since I'm not in that scenario so great apologies.

lol, I'm already depressed

No shit, I wanna die lmao.

What do you think -,-?

Why dude?

It's a long, depressing story tbh...

I can publish a book out of it lol

You can always talk to me on discord bug we're strangers and that'd be something weird I'd do but still feel free for that.

hey Just a wilds.io player 

call this