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Show who is online/ friend's list.

Disguised 4 months ago • updated by Jashin 4 months ago 13

There is the graveyard update which is coming out soon and other projects, but it would be great if there was a way to see which of your tribe members are online/ offline.

Different colour codes could be added later apart from the red for offline and green for online, such as orange for arena and blue for in lobby.

Someone mentioned a friend's list, it would also be great if you could send personal messages and of course a tribe chat.

Sorry for the bad art, Haha.

Wow, this is a really great idea :0


+1 for usefull idea :3


Happy to help :D

I really wonder why this hasn't been implemented into the game. Then again, I guess it's so that players don't get discouraged when they see how many players are online.

Why would they get discouraged? its not like it makes a difference whether it's 100 players or 1000 players. That is because a sever can only hold a certain amount of people. Another reason they would not get discouraged is because most tribes have a rule where tribe members are not allowed to attack each other.

wow you really are going at people

*ahem how many players are actively on...

And what exactly would showing how active people are discourage other people?, if anything it would just increase the competitiveness because seeing someone online so much would mean that they are actively earning bones, and if you happen to be a person who cares about bones you will play longer to not be left behind.

Very good idea Disguised (+1)

Under review

I like that it is based on guilds system niot a separate friends list