New class - these green things controller

xJoseph Coolx 11 months ago • updated by Lordy 11 months ago 26

This class will be able to control thos little green things (that attack you in the game). You do the rest.

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I voted. *snort*


This isn't youtube where you ask people to sub and like. If it's a good idea people will up-vote the idea.

But actually I've had a change of heart, it might be really awesome to be able to select a 4th class asides from Brown, Grey, and Independent. It would also be pretty funny. Although you would be super weak and get killed really easily, and you'd also only have one attack. You would be much faster than everyone else, so It would be fun for trolling people. lol The mechanics might need to be changed a bit for the goblins though.


sorry ill stop and thx


Goblin (little green things). Sorry


Read forum rules before you post


there called trolls


WARNING! FBI found an account controlled by Seva Kotletki S Pureschoy! Account's nick is xJoseph Coolx. Watch out for his stupid ideas, what is spamming userecho!


Yo thats not me


Im just a little teen

I don't believe this.

one idea per week, kid.

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1 idea per week!



i know know


Just a gamer tip:

the trolls aren't that bad

try using them by making them follow u and attack your enemies


and they're yetis, not trolls, do your research.


No they're bears.


They arent bears,they are yetis


Should we call it the the Necromancer class? What if it controls other NPC's (yetis)?
Lol that would be fun, but too much work for a risky feature.

I don't know if goblins would make a viable summon weapon, but I like the general idea.

so much for originality...